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Harp Guitar Gathering 16! 

Hope everyone has been well! I'll be coming out of hiding from recording/mixing/mastering projects to join the weekend of harp guitar mania, Harp Guitar Gathering 16th in Milford CT! I'll be teaching a few workshops as well as performances throughout the event. Also with any luck there will be a special Pellerin Harp Guitar surprise to show everyone... Register now!

New Video "First Breath" on CandyRat Records! 

In case you missed it, check out the new video release for "First Breath" on CandyRat Records!

We will release one more video in December and next year I'll be working a lot in the studio on other artists projects as well as my second record- stay tuned!

CandyRat 'Strings and Things' Store 

Excited to announce I'm now a featured producer in the CandyRat 'Strings and Things' store along side Antoine DuFour and Sebastien Cloutier!

Check out the new shop which also features a variety of CandyRat artist's favorite gear and accessories along with a rewards program for every purchase!

New Video 

Check out the latest video "Black Diamond" from my album "Tree of Life" out now!

Thanks for all your support, shares, likes, purchases and comments- really means the world to me!

Signed to CandyRat Records! 


"Tree of Life" will be released on CandyRat Records Feb 15th!! 

Thank you all who have contributed to the campaign - those who pre-ordered will get their signed CDs and posters by Feb 8th! I can't wait for you to all hear this record in its entirety!

Here's to a great 2017!

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year everyone!! 

I'm speechless- we ended at 155% to goal with $4,659 USD raised by 89 backers! Just incredible, I'm so honored by your support and with my debut out in Feb and already 2 talented musicians booked to record at my Tree of Life Recording Studio this year- its gearing up to be an unforgettable one! 

We will post more details about official release dates and other things as we can (surprises coming!) so until then all I can say is... THANK YOU!!!

Tree of Life IndieGoGo Campaign 

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Hope the year has treated you well- my debut conceptual all harp guitar album is finished and the preorder is live with just 10 days left! 

If you are interested please check out some of the great perks we are offering: 

Thank you for your support and I can't wait to share the album with you which is set to release in Feb 2017